Opening a business as marine supplier / ship chandler indonesia needs a place to control the movement and the storage of materials, and it means a supplier needs a warehouse. Organizing the warehouse is a key part of supply chain itself, by which it needs a management system to provide a set of computerized procedures handling the receipt of stock and returns into a warehouse facility. Also modeling and managing the logical representation of the physical storage facilities, managing the stock within the facility and enable a seamless link to order processing and logistic managementin order to pick, pack and deliver product out of the facility. Even in a production factory is to a great extent dependent on warehouse management. We have seen how important warehouse management system is.

Mostly warehouse for ship chandler in Indonesia is the outlet store itself all together with its office, however, it is not a small number of marine suppliers have a warehouse and office separately to make easier in their movement and flexibility in services. Meanwhile, each supplier has its own system to manage the warehouse so it would keep the goods never run out of stock and always be maintained for the freshness, applying to foods.

By carefully maintaining warehouse management system, it does not mean just for the customers, it also shows company’s character itself in proving its integrity as it committed to become a company who is able to cater global markets and gaining good reputation along the world.

We are using OpenERP warehouse management system in our Ship Chandler Indonesia Company.